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Kresba Elen Kudrová
Kresba Elen Kudrová

Kudrová Elen

1965, Zavolzhsk, Russian Federation


Specialised studies: Secondary Art School in Cheboksary, Chuvash Autonomous Republic 1981-1985

Tutor: Victor Glebovich Britvin


Field of art: Drawing, graphic arts, restoration

Collective exhibitions: Russia 1990, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, puppet theatre at the Czech House in Brussels 2010


Exhibitions of members of the Pilsen Area Union of Visual Artists: Pilsen 2014, 2015, 2016; U Bílé paní Gallery 2016, J. Trnka Gallery Pilsen 2016, Stříbro Museum 2016


Selected independent exhibitions: Plasy Monastery 2004; Švihov Castle 2005; Augustin Němejc Gallery Nepomuk 2007; Mirošov Chateau 2014; Gallery of the U Pramenů Hotel Pilsen 2017


Notable work: Making the dress of the Revolutionary Kasperle (Western Bohemian Museum in Pilsen), restoring the Fireflies’ Wedding diorama by Jiří Trnka in 2013, making copies of the head models by Jiří Trnka

Elen Kudrová

Elen Kudrová is the author of numerous drawings for private prints; New Year greeting cards for collectors and institutions; her drawings are included in collections not only in the Czech Republic but also in numerous countries of both Eastern and Western Europe.


Drawing is a separate discipline of art, one reason being that unlike in painting, nothing can be concealed in it, and therefore, it is viewed and described as proper handicraft. In painting, on the other hand, you can always “repaint” everything. Someone has aptly written that painting puts the dress on while drawing takes it off. Drawing also differs from painting in that the line and contour are its main components. Even more importantly, drawing is a perfect means of making our world, and not just the visual one, more special.


ELEN KUDROVÁ - is a restorer at the Western Bohemian Museum and participated, amongst other things, in the restoration of the Fireflies’ Wedding puppets and puppet diorama by Jiří Trnka, created by the author in 1939 for the New York World’s Fair. This is probably the reason why she approaches some of her themes using a drawing composition in which the dominant artefact of her conceptual message is a puppet. Her current drawings are often loaded with thrilling stories, unpleasant at times, that surround us every day. She can work with a metaphor woven into a fine web of lines pulsing with the intense reality elevated to a relaxed dream.


ELEN KUDROVÁ - oftentimes omits the fact that the line always has two sides between which there should be a sharp boundary in drawing. She does not use hatching – her web of fine lines simply melts into various surfaces worked with the pencil until they are literally “painted” in what is an unusually subtle drawing technique. The lines of her drawings do not aspire for a contrasting contour. Rather, they fill the objects which are “painted” with the pencil. The space around them is covered in such a way that the boundary of the object vanishes and the surfaces drawn are separated only by varying tones. It is as if she painted her drawings. She can make white and black play in thousands of shades of grey.


ELEN KUDROVÁ - uses drawings, to which she lends the shapes of her visions, to start a dialogue. Her drawing is her own inner language lost in pain and regained, capable of capturing feelings of hopelessness, uncertainty but also happiness, joy, light. Without exaggerated shapes, the contents of her realistic expressions are astonishing in their openness and the sincerity of her personal message. All this is underlined by the purity of her drawing and rejection of superficial decoration of the objects. Her drawing is her own inner language lost in pain and regained, capable of capturing feelings of hopelessness, uncertainty but also happiness, joy, light. What am I? she asks. What are we?

Pavel Hejduk

art theorist, writer

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